There is good reason that Melanie Chandler is my blog manager. She has always been my inspiration to blog, even when thousands of miles away. I now realize that all of my entries are just stories that I would tell her in my dramatic fashion, whether in person, text message, over the phone or email. Being in Paris, with a 6 hour difference, has been sad not sharing everything with the only person who actually finds me humorous. As I was writing an email to tell Mel about my new ironic relationship with the downward stairs, it occurred to me that this is what my blog is all about, from the first entry 2 and a half years ago with iPhone 4 makes me a real New Yorker, about skipping an entire days worth of Apple hungry people waiting in line for the newest iphone to get my first of many iPhone4s in 20 minutes on the release day (by accident). They’re all irrelevant, quirky situations that we enjoyed making fun of over wine, sitting on the couch with Chloe or with our friends! Since I’ve been meaning to get this thing up and going while in Paris, I might as well start with this silly story. But please keep in mind that I have much more to say about Paris but I’m going to start here, with an email that I initially started writing to Melly and realized that she would tell me to blog it, so my first entry in this foreign country is dedicated to Her.
I wish that I would have told you about my running down the escalator situation I got myself into last night when it happened so that you’d really appreciate the irony of my story this morning.
I was coming home from work last night and it was a different commute than usual so I wasn’t familiar with the subways. I thought I was going up an escalator to transfer to the 9 but instead it was an escalator to exit. It would have been no problem to merely turn around and go back down but the escalator going down was broken and completely blocked off and there were no stairs. So I had a choice to make. Either go out of the exit, find my way back in and have to buy a new ticket. Or… put on my Super Mario shoes and run down the upcoming escalator with the after work crowd coming up in steady packs.  Typically, I would be fine telling everyone why I was running down the escalator but as you know, I speak English and the folks around here speak French. Just imagine… they see and hear this crazy American girl going 90 mph down an upcoming escalator like a child playing a game and yelling things that they do not understand.
Once I decided I was going to go for it and took the plunge, it felt like I was making zero progress getting down because I promise the stairs were winding up unnaturally fast! After an estimated time of 95 seconds of dreading busting my ass, trying to give explanations in a different language and people looking and probably talking about me like I was a fool, I made it down and was pretty damn proud of myself. Embarrassed still, but proud and happy I actually did it.
That brings me to this morning – Getting ready for work, everything normal, no rush. As soon as I hit the stairway in my apartment to walk down my three normal flights my feet decided that they only liked running down upcoming escalators with packs of people coming up and they gave out as I fell down about half a flight! I tell this in good humor because for the most part I am okay, I just feel my knees and shins working up their bruises as I write. Also, this is not the first time I’ve fell while in Paris, I’m even more clumsy here. Luckily, I was holding onto the rail so my legs took the beating like I was riding down a snowy hill on my knees. After sitting on the stairs for a few seconds licking my wounds and collecting myself, I thought of last night and couldn’t help but laugh.
There is always a bright side when you have a story to tell your best friend who will love it… or blog about!