Lack of blog post can indicate one of two things. One, you have had a less than exciting existence lately, with no incidents to share, or even an imagination sharp enough to fabricate something interesting. Two, you are bouncing around the city, pampering yourself with facials, pedicures and tanning, then hitting vacation for 5 days as you cruise down to Mexico, which means you haven’t had the time to sit down for a hefty blog post.

For modesty reasons, I choose not to answer which of the reasons above is responsible for my naked blog!

I will, however, say this, I am indescribably thrilled that spring is poking its little head out from behind the clouds to say hello. It was 40 degrees and rainy on April 23rd at 4:00am as we were parting from the city. Five days later, we returned to a nearly blossomed NYC springtime!

I would say that it is like killing two birds with one stone: A long relaxing vacation on a boat in the Western Caribbean, plus coming back to a more pleasant and warm city… but I really don’t want to kill any birds with a stone, it sounds so heartless, cruel, and quiet frankly, pretty difficult to pull off. Instead, I will say life has been one big hula hoop of goodness, it just keeps going around and around.

Even though coming back from vacation is hard for everyone, there is no place in the world I would rather return to than New York City. And, if you have to jump back into the grind of work, it doesn’t suck to lounge at you table with an open window, enjoying the spring air blowing in on your face.

And speaking of hula hoops, check this little fella out. It has been lingering outside of my window for days and all I can think about is how I am going to get it into my apartment…

I’ve been told that a jump rope would be too disrespectful for my neighbors down below, but who is going to hear me hula hooping. Being that I have already created an attachment to this hoop and given it a name, which I withhold until it is around my hips, ‘Operation Booby Trap’ will be in effect as soon as Melanie returns home.

This hula hoop deserves a happy home and I plan to provide that.