It’s no secret that I quickly fell in love when I moved to New York City. Among the many things that captured my affection in this city, is what SkillSlate introduced to me,  the start-up world. In a bitter- sweet move from SkillSlate, I am very fortunate to have found another startup company with tons of potential and I am excited to be working for. The key to investing your time and dedication into a young startup is true belief and passion in what you are building, and I have found an exceptional company that I cannot wait to grow with- PicsCliq!

PicsCliq is a web-based application that assists photographers with increasing their revenue, by connecting and promoting images to event attendees. We do this through the use of social media and intelligent image promotion applications.

Everyone is using Facebook, everyone loves tagging, liking, and commenting on photos! PicsCliq creates a live site for photographers to upload their photos, all guests can view the images, share with friends, and of course, purchase photos and products from the photographer.  It’s super simple, and lots of fun!

We have so much planned in the next couple of months that I am looking forward to implementing. It is exciting to be connected to such a thriving community of photographers and working to take care of their time consuming tasks, so that they can focus on capturing timeless memories.

As things develop and we hit notable milestones, I will keep the blog updated. I should make up earth shattering excuses as to why I have not touched this blog in months. But to sum it up- life is really really good. It has had its ups and downs and changes, but I must say, it has taken shape better than I could have ever imagined.  Like I said, many aspects of this city has captured my affection. 🙂