December 2010

People worry about the danger on the streets of New York City. Many people from my hometown fret about my safety living in the Big Apple, but what little do they know about the life threatening dangers on the back roads of Lawtey, Florida.

I’ve always been terrified of the dogs that roam around these parts, and of course the snakes in the summer time, but today was my first encounter with a creature that I did not expect to ruin my run.

To make this adventure worse, things were not flowing too smoothly to begin with. Skylar misplaced my running headphones, my shoes are about 60 miles overdue, which is why I was seeking out nothing but dirt roads to save the wear and tear on my precious shins and joints, and unlike other days- it was a force to lace up and get out there.

Thinking that I would see the sunny side once I got running was almost the case. I used the unbearable headphones, but resorted to taping them into my ears with the only tape I could find around this place- black electrical tape. Granted, I looked like a fool running down the road with black tape covering my ears, but I was already self-aware that the amount of patience I had today would not sustain getting sweaty and my ear buds constantly falling out.

I had Taylor Swift running along with me in my securely tapped-up ears and things were starting to shape up, but as I turned on my second dirt road, which is not a typical path, I ran into an annoying, slightly intimidating school of dogs that would not let up on the barking for me to cross their path. It wasn’t until a little old lady in a golf cart came bumping down her unruly driveway with way too many pot holes, in my opinion, was I comfortable enough to make a run for it past these vicious dogs. Sadly, it wasn’t an out of the ordinary encounter, so I  sucked it up, put Taylor back on and tried to get this near impossible run going again.

Right when I was feeling some adrenaline and pleased with my decision to run, I ran into the last obstacle that I could possible take– A free, un-gated, wild, white horse! I don’t know where it came from, if it got loose from a horse barn around here, if he was looking for his home, or as far as I was concerned- a wild stallion that couldn’t be tamed. The only thing I knew was that I am not a horsewhisperer, I couldn’t run past this thing, I couldn’t turn around and face the wolf-pack again, and this run was definitely over. I was stuck in limbo!!

The only thing working in my favor today was the fact that Rusti lived right around the corner and I had my phone to call for help. Within 3 minutes, Rusti, Steve, Trace, Drake, and little Reece came to my rescue, even though I’m pretty sure it was for their entertainment of my humiliation, rather than true concern that Seabiscuit was going to eat me.

None of that mattered to me when I jumped in the back of the truck and went back home with them. After a while of hanging with the Barber crew and 2 Christmas rice krispy treats later, I decided to take the other way home and get there before it started raining on me.

Aside from regretting the sweets that I ate at Rusti’s, the run home was a success:  I was creature free, I didn’t get rained on and made it safely with nothing more than a tummy ache and quick little video to share that reveals the live encounter I had with my wild horsey today.

Click this link to see the video: Taylor’s Blog Video


The last week of my life has been much like a sprint of fun, festivities, social gatherings, visitors, dinners, holiday parties, very little sleep, lack of running and virtually no time to get ready to fly south for the winter. I felt as if I needed to soak up as much NYC holiday season as possible before leaving it.

That being said, along with my track record, missing my flight today was not out of the realm of possibility. In an honest effort to prevent this from happening, my attempt to pack at 1am after getting in from an open bar event was only slightly helpful. Going from the piercing cold of New York’s wind chill to the moody Florida weather where you can wear Uggs one day and a swimsuit the next, does not make for the easiest packing party.

It must have been the rush, adrenaline, and the reality that my plane wouldn’t wait for me to take off that put me in gear when I woke up to see the train wreck of an attempt I made last night.
Moving in double time also distracted the sad feeling that came over me once I walked out of my door and pressed the down button on the elevator. As I was standing there with my over- packed suitcase and unnecessary carry-on, a sinking feeling in my stomach informed me that I was really going to miss this place for 10 days, not to mention figuring out how to carry on for such a long period of time without Melanie and Chloe.

This is far from saying that I’m not so excited and anxious to get to Florida and see my Moma, gossip with Roxann, use Skylar’s makeup and accessories, eat bowls of Daddy’s salsa, run on dirt roads, and hangout with Rusti and the boys.  It just confirms something that I’ve always suspected, I am in the right place, doing the right thing.

I may have had to sit on my suitcase while it was zipped, had an emotional awakening, and guiltily rushed the bartista at Starbucks, but I finally fell in a cab to barely make it to LGA, only to realize I didn’t have my credit card and failed to check-in or my bag prior to this.

The stress began to sink in, knowing that I had to go through this process in the long lines because I only had cash. Self check-out would not be saving me on this one and waiting in the actual check-in line would mean that I’d still be sitting in New York.   So, like in all times of desperation, I had to use it- the southern charm.

Today’s speciality was the sad girl who lost her purse last night with all of  her cards in it, completely helpless and running late because of all this stress. What other option would a nice airport attendant have other than to take me to special services for a speedy check-in? Long story short, I had time to spare before boarding. Then I sat beside a chatty NYC writer who I told road trip stories with. I have to admit, this was one of the smoothest travels I’ve had.

I am approaching the finish line of this trip, I’m exited to check out of the crazy life for a while and sit on the front pourch swing .  These 10 days will be over before I know it.

The holidays are about giving, caring, and of course, Fashion! What better way to combine all of these elements than a Fashion Show for charity benefit?

On Monday, December 13 from 7-10 pm, 18 fashion and lifestyle bloggers will be ripping the runway for a good cause. “Bloggers Soiree Presents: Fashion Is Never Bottomless” charity benefit for Bottomless Closet NYC. Bottomless Closet is a non-profit organization providing clothing, resume writing services, workshops, financial management, and professional development services to disadvantaged women in New York City. 75% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity.

Hosted by Desiree Frieson of with co-host and supporting partner, the night is sure to be a fun filled with fun, fashion, live music and charity.

This epic event will be held at Soiree Nightclub 199 Bowery between Spring and Rivington Street and you can purchase tickets at:

Sponsors include, Social Exposure Media, Girls in Tech, MySkin Inc, Urban Pearl Public Relations, The Independent Handbag Designer Awards,, Glaceau Vitamin Water, GoodGirlPR and SocialFashion.

Events like this are great around the holidays. It gives you the chance to socialize, be merry, dress up, and give back to those less fortunate than yourself. I hope that you come out for the festtivities– Oh, and I forgot to mention…. I happen to be one of the bloggers that will be hitting the runway.  I am thrilled to be modeling for a fabulous designer, Viva Aviva, who is not only remarkably talented, but a genuine and awesome person.