November 2010

It seems like just last week that Melanie sent me a text trying to find out where I had strayed off to and my response was “Upper easy… COME”. That was a typo that happen nearly three months ago and from that point on, we didn’t live on the Upper East Side, it was forever named The Upper Easy. And now, just 2 days ago, after months of planning to move to the super cool, ultra trendy Lower East Side… We said goodbye to the Upper Easy.

To be honest, it really wasn’t easy to say goodbye– mostly because finding an apartment that we wanted, where we wanted, and in our budget seemed like a mission that would never be accomplished. The first round of searching started in early October when we thought our lease ended November 30, and things weren’t looking too shinny. Every apartment that we found in the LES was 2 tiny bedrooms, a mini fridge, and a water bucket to wash your face and hands and we were worried that we were in crunch time, until a light bulb went off in Mel’s head and she realized that our UES lease ended November 30, rather than October 30. Buying ourselves another month of searching, we put it off longer- only to get into the exact same pickle a few weeks later. 

Wanting to really live out the “Friends” dream, minus the coffee shop, Mel and I teamed up with Nickerson and O’Hara in search for a big loft that we could convert ourselves, which resulted in spending two solid weekends of looking at apartments that wouldn’t work out. When we finally thought we found a loft that could work, we jumped right into the celebration at an Essex brunch that ended up being a celebration of life rather than a celebration of finding a new home, because after a Sunday of responsible thinking, too many factors ruled that one out.

Things started getting serious, it was getting cold, we had no lead on an apartment and living on the street terrified me for so many more reasons other than just seeing American Psycho. Because of our lack of time, the ideal apartment in the LES that we had created in our mind months ago was fading quickly when we were taking every lunch break at work to run to high areas of midtown to look at apartments.

It had almost become accepted that we were going to just be settling for an apartment, until last Wednesday, a little birdie put a posting on Craigslist that I went to see alone, because Mel already used her lunch break. I jumped on the F train, ran like a fool and right when I walked in, I knew that I was standing in our new apartment!

I knew that I did not even have to consult with Melanie before giving my word that we were taking it and told them not to show it to anyone else. I was still walking around the apartment with the broker and the landlord when Melanie emailed them her application and bam bam bam– we got it all in. It was the fasted process she and I have ever been in and then turned into an ugly 2 day fight with other applicants that wanted it equally as bad as we did.

The difference was: We brought the big guns, southern charm…and most importantly, we agreed to take it 10 days before the lease actually started. After what seemed like forever of waiting and battling and chewing off all of our finger nails, we got the apartment!!! I was on 6th Ave when my broker confirmed that it was mine and I looked like a child excited to see the castle at Disney World for the first time running up the street. Good thing I am in New York City and no one pays attention to anyone else.

I had no idea how many years it takes off your life trying to find an apartment in NYC, especially an apartment that is exactly what you want.

So, after sleepless nights, bloody fingers, missing the Florida State game in Maryland, missing way too much time at work, packing at the very last minute because our movers showed up 2 hours early and being completely broke… It is very very safe to say that it was not so easy to say goodbye to the Upper Easy.

However, I am officially home!


Allow me to lay out dates for clarity:  Monday, October 11 was a beautiful sunny day in Central Park. I remember the date and weather distinctly because it was the day that I took my embarrassing and lifestyle threatening spill on the pavement while running.  Wearing a tank top and shorts was not the best protection from the asphalt, however that is direct indication to my memory that it was a hot day. The next day, Tuesday October 12, against my better judgement, I ran again, unknowingly on a damaged foot and worsened the situation so much that it was my last time running until this past Saturday. Using my limited math skills now… That is 24 days. One week of it limping, 2 weeks of crutches and a boot, and several days of prideful behavior of going without any assistance. All of that being said, I am back, but definitely not in a tank top and shorts. Where did the cold come from so quickly?

I woke up Saturday morning in Long Island and decided that since I made it through a dance party at Side Bar a few days prior with no regretful pain the following day, it was time to give my Asics some love and attention. After bundling in Under Armour, long sleeve shirt, zipped-up thermal North Face with hood tightened snuggly, and topped with FSU windbreaker (it was game day), I set out for my come back.  I am so happy to say that I experienced no pain in my foot and I am convinced that I am healed, however I don’t understand the dramatic change in temperature in the amount of time since my last run.

What runners in New York consider to be perfect fall weather, which is now, is what I am used to running in during the coldest times of Florida weather. I can’t complain too much considering how beautiful it is during this time of the year.

I guess we can’t have it all. Most things New York come to me pretty easily. I have to say that I have adapted well and quickly to everything this city has threw at me, but I think I have found what will be my biggest adjustment: Becoming a year round NYC Runner!