I am now way into my third week living New York City. It was only my first weekend that I decided that it was a no-brainier: I had to be a blogger! The reason that I have kept a journal since 2nd grade is because I have found over the years that I am always telling stories, mainly because I somehow manage to get myself into situations or come across people that are worth telling about. It was clear after my first weekend in NYC that I would not be at a shortage of stories to share. From my mom freaking out about me going to Underground Bingo in Brooklyn; having neon colored markers of art all over my body for days; brunch, lunch, and church all in the same attire for 3 days straight- This was definitely something that required a little more exposure than my locked up journal that is hidden securely under my portable closet in our one- bedroom life that Melanie and I share.

The most valid excuse that I had for not starting my blog right away was that I needed to have an iphone 4 so I can capture the moments in pictures and blog it right away. For that, I let a couple of good weeks slip through my fingertips. However, it was that magical iphone 4 that pushed me off the blog cliff.

I go out for my first Thursday Happy Hour after work. Pretty tame, mildly exciting, nothing outrageous. We go to Brother Jimmy’s for a company gathering in which not one of us work at this company, and I start ordering Margarita’s with Mr. Boss, which turned out to be the most delicious, whipped fishbowl of a margarita I have ever experienced. Long story short- next part: My Blackberry feel into the toilet and lost what little bit of life she had left. Blackberry went ALL black.

I couldn’t say I was too disappointed, being that the first thing I wanted to do was go to an Apple store that night to get the new 4. Following the advice of the good angel on my shoulder, I went home with Melanie instead.

Friday morning I rush over to the 5th Ave. Apple store. Dash through the trendy glass doors, skip down the winding stairs and prance straight up to the first little Apple guy that I see. His name was Danny. “I need an Iphone 4” (Yes, like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL7yD-0pqZg).

I tell him the details of my story, he says they have them in stock, listens to my tall tale, laughs and banters with me. Then says… BUT the line starts upstairs. I think to myself, and say out loud: “That line outside that wraps back and forth and looks like the wait for Splash Mountain at Disney World on a hot day in July???” There is NO way. I just assumed that was a field trip of sight seers. Nope! That is the line for the iphone 4.

For some reason Danny continues to listen to me ramble about how foreign I think this is. He allows me to use his fancy iPhone 4 to call other Apple stores to see if they at least had State Fair, Superloop lines to wait in. As we are going through this, an older man by the name of Zack comes to us and begins the same questionnaire process that I just went through. When he discovered that there was not a separate line for AT&T subscribers he began to throw the “I’m not happy with Apple service” tantrum. I’m not sure at what point a manager walked over to inquire about the upset- but shortly after, he granted access for Zack to get an iphone4 and have it activated because he quickly came over from work in his suit and was hot and bothered. Being that I stuck around and already made friends with Danny, the Apple associate, I gave the “what about me eyes?” He must have took the bait. And I was in!!!

I was literally taken behind the ropes, ones that I liked to call the VIP ropes, and was made an honorary iphone 4 owner. And then thought to myself- This is like Disney World! (but with a free fast pass).

So- Thanks to my run of bad luck, exciting come backs, and the iphone 4 my life is now accessible for all to read. Enjoy!